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Suzanne B. O’Brien RN

Suzanne B O’Brien RN is the Founder and Creator of the award-winning program Doulagivers: End of Life Doula Training and Eldercare Doula Training. “Awarded Worldwide Leader In Healthcare” by the International Nurses Association for creating Doulagivers, she is also an end of life educator, consultant and author of the #1 International Bestselling book Creating Positive Passings & End of Life Doula Level 1 Caregiver Training (2015) — a guide to learning the invaluable skills of how to care for someone at the end of life. End of Life Doulas are also known as Death Doulas, Death Coaches and Death Midwives. Our Doulagiver training is modeled after the birth doula model that has been enormously successful since its birth approximately fifty years ago. Helping someone to enter this world is very similar to helping someone leave this world. Both require education, training and compassion. Death Doulas, End of Life Doulas, and Death Midwives are now applying the same holistic model to the bedside of those in need of end-of-life-care. 9/10 people polled say they want to be kept at home if terminally ill. Source: Survey National Hospice Poll 1996. The Level 1 Doulagivers/ End of Life Doula Training is part of the International Hospice and Palliative Care Global Education Directory.

Suzanne also shows you how you can achieve a dignified, meaningful, natural death at home through a holistic experience with the support and education of Doulagivers End of Life Doulas and Hospice Care. Suzanne created the Doulagivers End of Life Doula Training in 2012, inspired by doing volunteer Hospice work in Zimbabwe, Africa and her years of experience as both a Hospice and Oncology nurse. Learning the basic skills on how to care for someone who is dying and planning ahead through an Advance Directive can make the end of life experience better by 90%, no matter the disease process. It is that important. Suzanne founded the International End of Life Doula Training and Wellness Center NYC in May 2015, where she offers Doula and wellness trainings every month. Suzanne is launching her new webinar “Great Life, Good Death” March 2016, sharing what she has learned from her end of life patients and their insights on what makes a great life and a good death. Combined with her transpersonal psychology and registered nurse training, Suzanne will go over the four bodies of energy and how we need to nourish each one equally to have a great life resulting in a good death. Suzanne resides in New York City, where she has been a Registered Nurse and Hospice Nurse for over 15 years. Suzanne is sharing this platform globally as a motivational speaker, providing insight and understanding about how families can plan for End of Life Care and death with clarity and dignity and also understand how to make the most of our beautiful lives. Suzanne shares much of the wisdom she has been taught by those at the end of their journey. It is an incredible gift. Life is precious.

Suzanne uses her medical training and natural gift of empathy to help her patients and families make the transition from life to death. Through the final months, weeks, or days, making sure their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are being met.

The lessons Suzanne has learned at the bedsides of dying patients have taught her that our duty to the dying is to care for them holistically at the end of life. They must feel comfortable, pain free, and dignified. Having an honest conversation about death with the dying person and their family is integral to her philosophy.
Suzanne’s training in spiritual, alternative and medical healing has led her to her current role as Hospice nurse and advocate.
• Awarded “Worldwide Leader In Healthcare” by the International Nurses Association for creating DOULAGIVERS  

• Awarded “Promoting Hospice Care Globally” by Hospice Inc.Poughkeepsie, NY
• Registered Nurse: Dutchess County Community College, Poughkeepsie, NY
• Acute Oncology Nurse: Vassar Brothers Medical Center, Poughkeepsie, NY
• Hospice Nurse and Advocate, Hospice Inc.: Dutchess & Ulster Counties, NY
• Degree in Transpersonal Counseling and Spiritual Ministry: University for Integrative Learning at the Association for the Integration of the Whole Person (AIWP) in Los Alamitos, CA
• Certified Reiki Practitioner: Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY

Awarded ” Worldwide Leader in Healthcare” By The International Nurses association

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