Cynthia Buckley

Location: Arizona

Being born an empath to a strict New England family in the 50’s, was not only a challenge to my parents, but also a challenge to me as well. Showing one’s emotions or expressing feelings was frowned upon. I tried desperately to hold these feelings inside, but the tears always fell down my cheeks and the sobs that I held onto for fear of the sound, caused incredible pain in my heart. I would be known as a sensitive child”. This would be both a blessing and a curse.

I was protected from death by my parents out of sheer fear of how they felt it would affect me. Little did they know that one of the greatest gifts I was given would be as a companion to the dying in their final days and hours. I would bear witness to the holes and gaps in our medical system in the early 80’s as I took my first full-fledged End of Life journey with a loved one. Taking my grandmother home from the hospital and creating a sacred space for her in her own home where she wanted to be, seemed second nature to me. Before dying, my grandmother would take my hands in hers’ and say, “this is what you do.” A year to the day she died, my mother (her daughter) would take me on this journey once again. It wouldn’t be until some years later that I would remember the words of my grandmother and truly understand what she meant.

I have studied with some amazingly gifted teachers over the years, following a path of Alternative Medicine and Holistic Therapeutic Practices since the 80’s. Each of the gifts they shared with me through their teachings, has added to the tools I bring with me to the Sacred Threshold. As an ordained Minister and duly trained in cross cultural spiritual practices as a Minister of Walking, I also bring gifts of sound therapy, aromatherapy, flower essences, Reiki and most of all an open and listening heart. I remember being told to never forget our ancestors who preceded us…and that they stand behind us. As I gaze into the mirror, I visualize my parents on either side and behind them their parents and so on. A lineage that goes back beyond the Captaining of George Washington across the Delaware on one side of the family and the hanging of an innocent God fearing Christian woman, Rebecca Nurse, and the Salem Witch Trials on the other….  It is their strength, courage and compassion that flows through my heart.

I am a certified Soul Midwife, End of Life Doula, Reiki Master, Advanced Flower Essence Practitioner, Soul Coach and an Interfaith Minister of Walking Prayer. I am truly led by my heart and bring it into all that I encounter each day. Blessings from my heart



Phone: (520)576-3550