Elizabeth Wong

Elizabeth Wong
Location: California

Elizabeth Wong is a certified end-of-life doula providing spiritual, emotional, and physical support to families.  She holds space for clients and families to navigate conversations around advance medical planning, and in the process, allows for the discovery of what it means to be living well, such that they can be present to their own legacy.

Before starting Doulagivers of San Francisco Bay Area, Elizabeth worked as a Labor and Delivery Nurse for ten years. She supported families through the various stages of labor, empowering them to make critical decisions regarding the safe delivery of their babies. She also was a Clinical Nurse Specialist for four years.  She continues to work with high-risk-pregnancy patients.  After helping patients overcome their anxiety and fear about pregnancy and birth through engagement and education, Elizabeth began to wonder why similar support was not available for people at the end of their life.

Elizabeth had her own family experiences with serious illness and death that ignited a deep passion for serving the elderly population and families who are confronted by aging and unprepared for end-of-life matters.  This passion and calling led Elizabeth to Suzanne O’Brien, a hospice nurse and the founder of the International Doulagivers Institute. Subsequently, she completed the award-winning Doulagivers training for End Of Life Doula, Elder Care Doula, and Care Consultant.

Elizabeth volunteers for Hospice by the Bay and provides free community-level end-of-life doula training. She also spends as much time as possible with her family, especially her mother who resisted conversations about health- or death-related topics.  With compassionate listening and patience, Elizabeth found success in pushing the boundaries with her mother by gently engaging and educating her about choices available that has opened the door for discussions around advance medical planning, funeral arrangements, and end of life wishes.

As previously mentioned, Elizabeth knows what it means to hold space for someone, and she will meet anyone where they are in this process.

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(415) 609-3843