Karen Hunt

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Location: California
Skills: Certified End of Life Doula
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Karen Lynn Hunt is a certified End-of-Life Doula (EOLD) through Doulagivers International and has a proficiency badge from NEDA–National End of Life Doula Alliance. She holds an active RN, BSN license, resides in Silverado Canyon in South Orange County California and is the founder of Doula of the Sacred Canyons. Karen’s life experiences have prepared her to assist and advocate for those facing the final journey. As a small child, she frequently shared her vision regarding life after death with the strong belief that the final destination is a majestic experience beyond our imagination and nothing to fear. It is not surprising that her first career lead to a position as a Labor and Delivery nurse, serving to bring precious life into the world. This experience would influence her position as a Hospice Case Manager later in her career and enhance her ability to support and guide those leaving their earthly womb. The decision to transition to a certified EOLD affords Karen space to honor the sacred and enduring flow of the dying process with adequate time to create an individualized, all-inclusive, patient centric journey.

Karen would be honored to answer any questions, schedule an interview or facilitate a community in-service.

Email: Karenhunt23@gmail.com
Phone Number: (951) 317-0211
Location: Silverado, California