LaKeisha Butts

LaKeisha Butts
Location: North Carolina
Skills: Certified End of Life Doula and International Doulagivers Institute Trained
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La’Keisha Butts, also known as “BlackBird”, is the owner of Black Moon Art Jewels & Energy Healing; an urban label that alchemizes healing crystals, gemstones and metals into wearable art.

BlackBird is an End of Life Doula, Artist, Creative Intuitive and Reiki Master /Teacher who uses art as a conduit to channel healing. It is her belief that everyone has the ability to be the co-creators of their life and manifest more love, healing, abundance and peace.

Retired Systems Administrator with the U.S. Federal Government, Blackbird turned what was once a spiritually therapeutic, self-healing hobby into a full time business.

Aside from being a generational intuitive, BlackBird is also a Certified Meditation Coach and Healing Touch Practitioner. She also holds several fitness certifications.

Louisiana born-Maryland native, BlackBird is based in Durham, NC but serves clients all across the world.

(443) 5273330