Rita Mason

Location: California
Skills: Certified End of Life Doula
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Rita has embraced accepting death as a natural part of life and one guarantee in life that we all share. Her Mom raised her to attend funerals, providing presence and support, to the family and loved ones left behind. Visiting elders in nursing homes was also done frequently. These were the seeds that were planted and have grown into becoming a Certified End of Life Doula.

The calling to be with those at the end of life was so strong that Rita resigned from her career to volunteer full time for hospice as an in home family support, sitting with the patient and providing respite to the caregiver. Having her own near death experience, Rita realized how fragile her own life was and that the curtain of the play of life can fall at any time, ready or not. This has led Rita to educate and encourage others to plan out their final wishes and make them known to loved ones. As Suzanne professes during training, if you don’t make your own choices ahead of time, someone will make them for you. Having yaour desires spelled out is one of the greatest gifts that you can give your loved ones before you go.

So many people ask Rita how she can be with those that are dying and isn’t it so hard? She looks at being with someone at this sacred time of their journey as both an honor and an obligation to share the holistic power of presence with the dying and their loved ones.

Rita serves Amador County and surrounding areas of Northern California in person or virtually as a Tele-Doula.


Email: Rita@Rita4Life.com

Phone: (209)418-8844