Sharon Oglesby

Location: Arkansas
Skills: Certified End of Life Doula
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Several years ago, I took a new direction in life. I ran across the advertisement for end-of-life doula. I had heard of a birthing doula but not a death doula. Working as a nurse I had seen death as part of the everyday life. I sat with family, friends and loved ones as last breaths were taken. Sometimes, I was the friend, family, and loved one sitting at the bedside holding hands and loving as eyes closed for the last time. I became mesmerized by the prospect of getting to sit at the bedside as a doula.

I’ve had the most wonderful teachers and mentors as I take this journey to help families as they prepare and survive the loss of a love one. I have spent a little over a year working with a hospice group. I’ve learned the necessary and essential skills to provide the best doula work for my clients.

Location: Little Rock, Arkansas


Phone: (501) 475-5543