Tobi Mares

Tobi Mares of Doulagivers of the Midwest
Location: Indiana

From 2013-2015, I experienced great personal loss. I became so very fearful of my own death, and the possibility of losing anyone else. I needed to know there was a way to accept, understand, and improve this inescapable part of our human journey. Through various studies, endless reading, and volunteering with a hospice program, I began to view Death as another form of birth, a rite of passage, a new journey, that we can prepare for, spiritually, emotionally, and informationally. My path led me to End of Life Doula work. It is an honor to do this work and to be a part of this incredible movement. Being a doula, who supports others during the end of life, helping them understand what is happening, and creating peace during the process, is most rewarding to my work.

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