Early Registration Discounts End Tonight

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Today is the last day to take advantage of the 50% discount for the Certified End of Life Doula and Doulagivers Specialist programs via Early Bird Registration. Therefore, I wanted to make sure we sent a reminder in case you’ve been considering enrolling in one of our programs and don’t want to miss out on these savings.

Early Bird Registration is available directly on our website doulagivers.com until 11:59 pm ET TONIGHT!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions I get from people who want to move forward with their education at the Doulagivers Institute:

Q: “Can I really make a living from this?”

A: Yes! Non-medical professionals are the future of healthcare. This has been stated in many medical journals about the lack of medical staff and the huge increases in the elder population. Subsequently there are more people needed to  fill the gap in caring for the elderly.  Thus, the End of Life Doula came about.

Q: “What if I can’t make every class in the Live Semester?”

A: No problem! The moment you register, you receive your online, self-paced class that you will have access to forever. During the Live Semester, if you can’t make a class – no worries! We record each class and send you the replay afterwards and it is also the same curriculum in your online portal, so you never miss a thing.

Q: “How do I turn this training into a business?”

A: We’ve got you covered! All the trainings come with a complete Business Building & Marketing section. You can have your new business up and running in 30 days with these tools.

This is a really great opportunity for anyone who feels passionate about pursuing this line of work and starting their own business. We are committed to providing the most comprehensive EOLD programs available.

With the 50% off Early Bird Registration discount, you will receive a seat reservation in our Live Semester (starting September 24th) as well as access to our private Facebook group, conference calls, and exclusive Doulagivers Network and Directory.

Enrollment Links and Testimonial

CEOLD Course – Regular Price: $1,997.00, Discount Price: $997.00

Doulagivers Specialist Program – Regular Price: $3,997.00, Discount Price: $1,997.00

Payment plans available!

You can enroll right now at doulagivers.com


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Suzanne B. O’Brien, RN

P.S. Check out what one of our students had to say about her experience with our programs recently!

Wendy Wells Interview

Wendy Wells Interview

To take advantage of these savings and enroll nowplease visit doulagivers.com

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