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Hey Suzanne B. O’Brien here,

Late last week this great blog came out focusing on our Doulagivers Specialists and the intricate role they will be playing in alleviating the impacts of the looming eldercare crisis facing America!

Here is an excerpt from “The Power of the Doulagivers Specialist”:

The convergence of these two issues (a rapid increase in the elder population and shortage of end of life care physicians) means that America is on the brink of an eldercare crisis. The swelling demographic of elder Americans is going to create multifaceted challenges within communities around the country. To combat this issue, there is going to be a necessity for new and innovative solutions. This is where the End of Life Doula comes into the picture.

When a person is entering their last phase of life, an End of Life Doula helps guide this individual through their end of life process, whatever it may be. They also offer emotional support to grieving families and loved ones during and after death, assisting the family to “reenter life after loss.” As the population of older adults in America increases, so too will the demand for related services and care. We know that the use of End of Life Doulas will be extremely important to these older adults when they are nearing the last stages of life, but what about before then? This is where the power of the Doulagivers Specialist lies. A Certified Doulagivers Specialist is trained in three crucial areas of care (Eldercare, Care Consulting, and End of Life Doula services). This three-pronged approach provides the most complete and effective skillset to limiting the impact of the imminent eldercare crisis currently facing America.”

There is a lot of great information in this blog focusing on the big picture of how non-medical professionals are going to be stepping up to fill the gaps in care that the aging population will desperately need in the near future. To read the full blog “The Power of the Doulagivers Specialist”, click here: The Power of the Doulagivers Specialist

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Suzanne B. O’Brien RN


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