International Doulagivers Association Membership

Suzanne B. O’Brien here,

The International Doulagivers Association Membership combines the proven business and marketing tools with the inspiration from Doulas who are out in the field and working! Therefore, transformative power of  leaders guiding you on your  steps to make your Doula business a reality. This is because they are sharing what worked for them when they started creates a sense of community you will not find anywhere else. Hence, you no longer have to search for a road map.  Therefor, wondering what you should be doing today, this week, this month, to get your business started. Instead, each month I’ll give you everything you need to be able to build your practice to the highest level you want.


International Doulagivers Association Membership

Member Benefits:

• Membership brings the benefit of continued education, networking and business support. The End of Life Doula is now an intricate part of the End of Life Care team.

•Therefore organizations will feel confident  knowing you are part of the most professional association for the profession. This is because they know that you are now part of a group of End of Life Practitioners sharing knowledge, business tips and referrals.

• Twice monthly LIVE membership only mentorship calls with Hospice and Oncology nurse and Doulagivers Founder Suzanne B. O’Brien, RN.

•You will have Instant access to Doulagivers network coaching call archives.

• We offer 20% off all Doulagiver trainings and workshops.

• Attendance to our Bi-monthly members-only continuing education webinars.  This  includes interviews with leaders in the field of elder and end of life care.

• Subscription to our monthly members-only News Brief Newsletter! Therefore, you can stay on the forefront of what is happening. You will be the first to hear about initiatives by NEDA and the NHPCO’s End of Life Doula Council.

Listing on the Doulagivers End of Life Doula Directory (for those who have passed the Doulagivers CEOLD or DS training. Or, those who are NEDA Proficient.

Private Facebook Page – Where we will post doula jobs, news, and Doulas can refer patients and families to one another.

• Access to join in-person Regional Chapters for  networking, business building, and resources.(Being implemented now).

• Access to purchase items from the Doulagivers Business Building, Marketing Materials, and forms for your practice.

This will include: Contracts and agreements, power point presentations, community trainings, seminar material, brochures, press releases and much more!


*Membership mentor calls will be the 2nd of each month at 7pm ET15th of each month at 12pm ET. Also, they will each be an hour long, recorded and archived so that members may listen at their convenience*


The first continuing education webinar will be Monday, October 28th at 7pm ET. It will cover the topic of “How to Donate your Body.”



Any Doula from any background who wants to get their Doula business going. So, no matter where you are, the International Doulagivers Association membership has resources to create a business model that is sustainable.
Therefore, if you want a fun and easy way to stay consistent, jump start your practice, feel connected, supported and inspired every day- then the International Doulagivers Association Membership is for you.
For more information on the International Doulagivers Association Membership and find out how to join, click here.

Best Regards,

Suzanne B. O’Brien RN


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