International Doulagivers Institute Announces Free Family Caregiver Training for Global Outreach Initiative

Doulagivers has launched a global initiative on supporting families everywhere with a free training on how to care for a dying loved one.”

— Suzanne B. O’Brien R.N.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2017 / — Doulagivers, the leader of specialized training in End of Life Care and End of Life Doulas is offering new ways to access their free Level 1 Family Caregiver Training. As part of the Doulagivers Level 1 Global Outreach and Community Caregiving Initiative, this training will be offered for FREE through live webinars(starting March 7th, enrollment open now), through their E-book ‘Creating Positive Passings: End of Life Doula, Level 1 Caregiver Training’ which is available for FREE on Amazon until Saturday, February 4th and through Live Workshops offered at the International Doulagivers Institute in NYC. Doulagivers’ main goal is to spread awareness of the need for communities to become involved in the volunteer work necessary to ensure that everyone can have a peaceful end of life experience. Hospice workers are stretched beyond their means and there are too many patients all over the world who are incapable of receiving the 24/7 care required at end of life to create a sacred, meaningful and pleasant transition from the physical world. This Level 1 training is designed so that anyone and everyone can understand the basic end of life processes and how to suggest and offer comfort to families and patients throughout these processes. Doulagivers believes that it is imperative that everyone has the basic knowledge to offer support within their communities at this precious last phase of life. If everyone can contribute a little bit of time and compassion, it relieves so much burden from the caregivers and families so that facilitating a good death for every end of life patient around the world becomes possible.

In the Level 1 Training you will learn:

1. How to identify the Shock Phase and what suggestions for comfort can be given
2. How to identify the Stabilization Phase and what suggestions for comfort can be given
3. How to identify the Transition Phase and what suggestions for comfort can be given
4. How to interact with patients at end of life
5. How to offer emotional support for grieving families during and after death

Doulagivers was recently featured in CBS. You can watch the segment and read the article here.

For those who wish to become full-time End of Life Doulas and pursue a career in this field, Doulagivers also offers a comprehensive Certification/Practitioners course. The End of Life Doula Certification training is for those who wish to be Certified End of Life Doulas. This course covers Levels 1,2&3 of the Doulagivers End of Life Practitioners training. This is a new specialized area of non-medical health care. This Training is for those who have a calling and desire to support and guide both patients and families through the end of life process. Following in the footsteps of the birthing doula movement that has been a successful specialized non-medical field in the area of childbirth for decades, now is the time for us to offer the same care and support for those at end of life. This course is offered completely online or as a monthly workshop at the International Doulagivers Institute.

All live workshops at the International Doulagivers Institute will be limited to 10 students to ensure optimal learning. All trainings are conveniently available online as well so that you can take them from anywhere in the world.

Upcoming Dates for the End of Life Doula Certification training held at the International Doulagivers Institute in NYC:

March 26th, 2017 9am-5pm
April 30th, 2017 9am-5pm
May 21st 9am-5pm
June 25th 9am-5pm

For more information on these trainings, visit their website, email or call 1-646-883-6534.


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