What is an End of Life Doula?

When I was a young girl growing up, I never would have envisioned that I would be doing work where I help people at the end of their lives. It is with great privilege that I today work as an End of Life Doula. There are no two cases that are the same. Death and what someone needs in the last phase of life is a subjective experience. I am here to guide them on their journey, to advocate for their wishes and to bring as much peace to both patient and their loved ones as I possibly can.

This is not an easy job, but one that I am called to do. Death is an inevitable part of our life journey. The difference that a positive passing can make means the world to not only the person leaving, but to the loved ones left behind.

After working for over a decade as a registered nurse with both cancer patients and hospice patients, I have learned that there is so much more that we need to do to be supporting and educating the wonderful individuals that are in their last phase of life. I created my End of Life Doula Program www.suzannebobrien.com (there are a few different versions available) based on the perspective of the hospice nurse teaching the loved ones how to care for their dying family members at home. This is a skill that 100 years ago was handed down generation to generation. “Doula” is a Greek word that means non-medical person that gives physical, emotional and spiritual support to another person. This is a human skill that is based on a holistic model of care.

There are 3 phases to my End of Life Doula Training. There are also 3 Levels of learning.

Level 1: End of Life Doula Training for family caregivers and volunteers.

Level 2: End of Life Doula Training for those who want a more in depth understanding of Level 1, and/or for those on their way to being Level 3 Certificate Doulas.

Level 3: End of Life Doula Certificate Program for those who wish to be an End of Life Doula serving their communities.

The amount of elderly in this country is astounding. 78 million over the age of 65. Also, 9/10 people surveyed said that they want to be kept at home if terminally ill. We need a 3 fold system to help both patients and families accomplish this.

Is the End of Life Doula Training right for you? I sure hope so. There are options to take the Level 1 training in my donation based, online End of Life Doula classroom. There are people who have taken the classes from around the globe. This is exactly the point. I created the program based on my volunteer work in Zimbabwe, Africa. It taught me that no matter where we are in the world, we all have the same needs at the end of life. We are so much more similar than we are different. This is never more apparent than at this precious time.

I also offer Level 3 certificate End of life Doula trainings www.endoflifedoula.org in the online classroom in conjunction with one-on-one coaching calls. I have trained people from all over the globe in this way. In addition, I give monthly live trainings in the New York area. There is an option for everyone if you want it.

” It is our duty in our lifetime to be of service to others. If you cannot be of service, at least do not cause others harm.”

Dali Lama





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