video #16

Big Announcement!

Suzanne B. O’Brien here, First and foremost, I would like to say that everyone at Doulagivers is thinking of you and your families during this scary and difficult time we are all facing. As you may know, Doulagivers is based in New York City and we are currently the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in…

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world training day 2020

World Training Day Update

Suzanne B. O’Brien here, World Training Day is less than a month away! Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the annual Doulagivers World Training Day event has undergone some changes. All physical trainings around the country and the world have been canceled to adhere to all social distancing guidelines. We will now be hosting TWO webinars…

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Doulagivers World Training Day 2020 to Honor Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross

Suzanne B. O’Brien here, This year “Doulagivers World Training Day” is honored to celebrate and share the incredible work and legacy of Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross! Many of you know what I am doing in my work, but what you may not know is the profound impact that Elisabeth Kubler Ross has had on shaping…

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Michale Hebb Clip

New”Ask a Death Doula” Episode With Michael Hebb

Suzanne B. O’Brien here, The “Ask a Death Doula” Podcast is a bi-weekly show chronicling the Death Doula movement. We will interview leaders in this progressive movement from around the world as well as patients, families and Death Doulas. On this episode of Ask a Death Doula, my guest is Michael Hebb. Michael is the founder…

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Free Level 1 End of Life Doula Training Webinar TONIGHT!

  Suzanne B. O’Brien here, My Free Doulagivers 90 Minute Level 1 End of Life Doula Live Webinar Training is going to be TONIGHT, February 13th at 7pm ET! Death Doulas are an intricate and integral part of reshaping end of life care for the future. The Level 1 End of Life Doula and Family Caregiver Training is a…

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health beath clicp

The Doulagivers Live Semester is only a few weeks away!

  Suzanne B. O’Brien here, This past week my 30-day Doulagivers Video Training Series on Facebook centered around what an End of Life Doula is, the role EOLDs play as a complementary piece to mainstream medical, and the Three Phases of End of Life Care Model that we use at Doulagivers. This upcoming week, I’m…

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January News Letter

Have you found your passion and purpose yet?

  Suzanne B. O’Brien here, In this 9th video of my 30-day Doulagivers Video Training Series, I talk about my personal journey to becoming an End of Life Doula and the profound impact it has had on my life. Watch the video below and think about if maybe this is the opportunity you’ve needed to…

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happy new year 2

2019 was AMAZING – 2020 will be even better!

  Suzanne B. O’Brien here,   I hope all of you had an amazing Christmas and holiday season with your families! Now that we’ve unwrapped our gifts and had a few too many pieces of pie, it’s time to shift our focus on the New Year. This is the time that we all sit down…

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Suzanne B O’Brien RN Talks to RedLily Founder Kerrie Lee Brown on how to “Take Charge of Your Health”

  In this episode of “Ask a Death Doula,” my guest, Kerrie Lee Brown and I talk about health, healing and the power of the word “No”. We also announce the launch of RedLily August 2019! RedLily™ is a cool, new digital platform that celebrates real women, real-life experiences, and more. A place where women can turn their…

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The Seven Steps to Happiness

Based on the principles of The Doulagivers Life Class, In this podcast I share  what it takes to truly live a happy and fulfilled life .I will share the incredible wisdom of those I have worked with at the end of life. I will share how all of what is being taught in this class…

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Our Students Love Us!

The Doulagivers Training Program created by Suzanne B. O’Brien RN has been awarded “Worldwide Leader in Healthcare” by The International Nurses Association. It is our mission to offer this training for free/donation globally to help foster education and support for End of Life Care worldwide.